5 Best Microphone For Youtube In 2023 To Help Engagement and Growth Of Your Channel

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When it comes to having more success on Youtube, it comes down to three major pillars. It has to look good, it has to sound good and the content has to educated and entertain.

I covered the best vlogging camera with flip screen for youtube in a separate post.  

Now we are focusing on the sound. One thing you need to remember is that the viewer might be listening with headphones ! So sound quality can make all the difference.

 I’ve reviewed the 5+ best microphone for youtube , along with my top 5 choices, so that you can pick the best one for you.


As of 2022 it’s been recorded that  YouTube has 37 million channels and in excess of 2 billion total users. ( credit earthweb.com )

With such widespread use of affiliate marketing within Youtube as a strategy to make money. People are rushing to build better quality content with the user in mind.

This all stems from the content itself, but to keep people watching it has to not only look good but also sound good too.

Infact most people are now using their mobile phones to watch Youtube content, a solid percentage of those using a headset or earphones. 

So having a clear voice while recording has to be one of the most important things to consider when recording content. 

I personally use a high quality pair of headphones which does pick up absolutely every single sound from the source. 

These microphones help you : 

  • Decide on your niche
  • Discover what programs to join
  • How to generate traffic
  • And much more

Let’s get started 

What is the best microphone for youtube ?

Here are my top choices for the best microphones for streaming and content creation to help you succeed with video marketing this year.

Best for an instant upgrade without the fuss.

“Paul’s Review”

Love the plug n play style of this mic. Probably the most simple upgrade you can do for youtube regarding sound quality.


Best For                      –  Overall

Pricing                        –   $179.98

Annual Discount       –       N/A

Promotion                  –      N/A

Elgato Pro has a steel grill which gives you smooth sound diffusion along with added capsule protection. The build quality doesn’t end there is a heavy duty desk stand with a padded bottom. 

The controls are pretty simple to master too. Adjust the gain, headphone volume plus you can crossfade between mic and PC sound while streaming/recording.

In short, if you want a mic that gives you an instant upgrade without all the fuss then this is the mic for you. 

  • Cardioid Condenser Capsule: Capture speech with clarity and detail.
  • Wave Link App: Control Wave:3 and up to eight other audio sources, plus create two independent mixes.
  • Superior Circuitry: Seamless sonic transmission throughout the entire signal chain.
  • Anti-Plosive: Eliminates pops and hisses when pronouncing letters such as p and b.
  • Maximum Audio Transparency: Dual-layer steel mesh for optimum air current diffusion.

Key features : 

Connectivity TechnologyAuxiliary, USB
Connector TypeUSB Type-C
Special FeatureClip
Compatible DevicesPersonal Computer
Included ComponentsWave:3, USB-C Cable, Desktop Stand, Boom Arm Adapter, Quick Start Guide
Polar PatternUnidirectional
Audio Sensitivity15 dB

Cons :

  • Can be a little top heavy when the stand is fully extended.

Pricing : 

There are options to purchase if you wish.

  • Bundle with pop filter $179.98
  • Mic Only $149.99

Get started with the Elgato Pro .

Best for streaming and gaming

“Paul’s Review”

I bought this mic for my son to use while gaming with his friends as an upgrade to the usual headset he was using. Virtually no setting up required and worthy of being in the top five for those on a budget.


Best For                      –  Streaming / Gaming

Pricing                        –   $37.97 

Annual Discount       –       N/A

Promotion                  –      N/A

The Blue Snowball  is great for anyone who wants to upgrade their sound without having to spend alot. So those in the market for a cheap youtube microphone won’t be disappointed.

  • Custom Condenser Capsule: Powered By Blue’S Custom Condenser Capsule, Snowball Ice Microphone Delivers Crystal-Clear Audio Quality That’S Light-Years Ahead Of Your Built-In Computer Microphone
  • Cardioid Pickup Pattern: Captures Your Voice With Clear, Focused Sound For Streaming, Podcasting, Broadcasting, Skype Calls And Zoom Meetings
  • Stylish Retro Design: Record Or Stream In Style With A Classic Recording Equipment Design That Looks Great On Your Desktop And On Camera
  • Adjustable Desktop Stand: Allows You To Position The Condenser Microphone In Relation To The Sound Source, Improving Sound Quality And Saving Space On Your Desktop For The Optimal Broadcast Setup
  • Skype and Discord certified: Whether conducting interviews over Skype, streaming live gameplay on Twitch, or communicating across the globe, you’ll be heard loud and clear on leading VOIP platforms

Key features : 

BrandLogitech for Creators
Model Name1929
Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Connector TypeUSB
Special FeatureStand
Compatible DevicesPersonal Computer
Included ComponentsSnowball iCE USB mic, adjustable stand, USB cable, user guide
Polar PatternUnidirectional

Cons :

  • Won’t deliver the same level of quality and clarity as some others listed here.

Pricing : 

At the time of writing, this is  the current pricing.

  • Amazon $37.97

Get started with the Blue Snowball

Best for Beginners

“Paul’s Review”

If you want you mic to look great and sound great, there’s really nothing else like it on the market today. The mulit-use capability make is a great choice for many reasons.


Best For                      –  Flexibility

Pricing                        –          $156.99

Annual Discount       –              N/A

Promotion                  –              N/A

HyperX Quadcast microphone is great for those looking for flexibility with their content creation. 

It can deliver great recording for recording youtube videos, but also competent for those looking for a cheap singing microphone. 

As a unique feature it also has RGB lighting built in !  

So for sound and looks, it’s a great choice.

  • Radiant RGB lighting with dynamic effects: Personalize stunning RGB lighting and dynamic effects for an eye-catching shot of customizable style.
  • Built-in anti-vibration shock mount: Isolate the mic and suppress the sound of unintentional rumbles and bumps with the elastic rope suspension.
  • Tap-to-mute sensor with LED status indicator: Use the convenient tap-to-mute functionality to prevent an audio accident along with the help of the LED mic status indicator. If the light is on, the mic is active, if the light is off, the mic is muted.
  • 4 selectable polar patterns: Choose between four polar patterns (stereo, omnidirectional, cardioid, bidirectional) to optimize your broadcast setup and keep the focus on the sounds you want to be heard.
  • Customizable via HyperX Ngenuity Software: Personalize your RGB lighting and effects with the HyperX Ngenuity software.
  • Gain control adjustment: Easily adjusts your mic sensitivity by turning the dial at the bottom of the QuadCast.
  • Mount adapter, pop filter, and headphone jack: Versatile adapter fits 3’8-inch and 5’8-inch threaded setups, compatible with most mic stands or boom arms. The internal pop filter helps block plosive sounds from hitting the mic, and you can monitor the mic via the headphone jack.
  • Multi-device and program compatibility: Get great sound whether you’re connecting to a PC, PS4, or Mac. QuadCast S is certified by Discord and TeamSpeak, and works on major streaming platforms like Streamlabs OBS, OBS Studio, and XSplit.

Key features : 

Model NameQuadCast S
Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Connector TypeUSB-C to USB-A
Special FeatureStand, Mute Function
Compatible DevicesPS4, Personal Computer, Mac
Included ComponentsMicrophone, Mount adapter, USB power cable
Polar PatternCardioid, Bidirectional, Omnidirectional and Stereo

Cons :

  • Orientated for a US market with power adaptor and voltage.

Pricing : 

As of writing, these are the current purchasing options.

  • Amazon $156.99

Get started with the HyperX Quadcast

Best overall and best sound quality

“Paul’s Review”

My personal favourite. I’ve owned the blue yeti microphone for a number of years now and bought it when they first came out for my youtube channel. Never felt the need to upgrade or update as it does everything I need.


Best For                      –  Overall 

Pricing                        –                           $87.59

Annual Discount       –                                N/A

Promotion                  –                               N/A 

Blue Yeti  microphone is great for anyone who wants to really make maximum use of recorded content.

If you are looking for a quality microphone to record a podcast, record video content or even just for zoom calls then for years now the Blue Yeti has been the go-to microphone ! 

  • Custom three-capsule array: This professional USB mic produces clear, powerful, broadcast-quality sound for YouTube videos, Twitch game streaming, podcasting, Zoom meetings, music recording and more
  • Blue VOICE software: Elevate your streamings and recordings with clear broadcast vocal sound and entertain your audience with enhanced effects, advanced modulation and HD audio samples
  • Four pickup patterns: Flexible cardioid, omni, bidirectional, and stereo pickup patterns allow you to record in ways that would normally require multiple mics, for vocals, instruments and podcasts
  • Onboard audio controls: Headphone volume, pattern selection, instant mute, and mic gain put you in charge of every level of the audio recording and streaming process
  • Positionable design: Pivot the mic in relation to the sound source to optimize your sound quality thanks to the adjustable desktop stand and track your voice in real time with no-latency monitoring
  • Plug ‘n Play: Set up the computer microphone in seconds with the included desktop stand or connect directly to a mic stand or boom arm and instantly start recording and streaming on Mac or PC

Key features : 

BrandLogitech for Creators
Model NameBlue Yeti USB Microphone – Blackout
Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Connector TypeUSB
Compatible DevicesPersonal Computer, Headphone
Included ComponentsInstructions., Usb Cable, Blue Microphones Yeti Usb Microphone
Polar PatternMultipattern
Audio Sensitivity120 dB

Cons :

  • Care is needed if plugging and unplugging the cord a lot, as port has been known to be fragile.

Pricing : 

Current best option for purchasing

  • Amazon $87.59

Get started with the Blue Yeti.

Best for podcasting

“Paul’s Review”

Most wished for podcasting microphone is you are on a budget. The prefect upgrade for content creators who want to deliever a better standard.


Best For                      –       Podcasting

Pricing                        –         $85.00

Rode NT USB is a studio quality microphone from the Rode stable who have a great history in producing amazing recording devices.

  • USB Condenser Microphone with Cardioid Polar Pattern
  • Integrated Pop Filter
  • Magnetic Base
  • USB Cable

Key features : 

Connectivity TechnologyUSB – simultaneous I/O
Mono input, stereo output
Connector TypeUSB
Compatible DevicesPersonal Computer, Tablet, Amplifier, Headphone
Included ComponentsMicrophone Stand
Polar PatternUnidirectional
Item Weight550 Grams
Item Dimensions LxWxH3.52 x 2.15 x 5.59 inches

Cons :

  • Could use some more images or diagrams as it’s a little text heavy.

Pricing : 

Current buying options as of writing.

  • Amazon $85.00

Get started with the Rode NT USB

What are the best microphones useful for ?

The best microphones for youtube guide is for anyone who wants to grow their following on youtube and upgrade the sound quality. 

You can choose the right microphone from the options above based on what fits in with your ideas right now.

These microphones are going to help you:

  • Create better quality sound
  • Keep your audience engaged 
  • Increase authority and professionalism 

Email Marketing FAQ's

What Microphone Do YouTubers Use?

Whether you are a new YouTuber or you’re a seasoned pro, you’ll need a good microphone to make your videos stand out. A poor recording can cause your audience to skip ahead.

The type of microphone you choose is a matter of personal preference. Some YouTubers use USB microphones while others prefer a wireless model. You need to consider where you’ll be recording and the quality of your audio to determine which microphone is right for you.

Cardioid microphones are the most common types. They pick up sounds from directly in front and behind the mic. While they are great for vocals, they are not as effective at capturing background noise. However, a supercardioid microphone is designed to block background noise better.

A condenser microphone is ideal for voiceovers, podcasts, and studio sounds. It captures clear sound with a small range of musical tones. Several different kinds of condenser microphones are available.

Portable recorders offer more versatility and allow for a higher level of audio. This is a great choice for vloggers. Many of these devices come with extra features like a shock mount or windshield.

A portable recorder can be used in a variety of applications, including broadcasting and live streaming. Most video makers opt for a USB microphone for ease of use. If you plan on recording outdoors, you should consider purchasing an external microphone.

One of the most popular YouTube microphones is the Blue Yeti. It’s easy to use and has great sound quality. Plus, it can be connected to a computer’s USB port. But, don’t forget to check your operating system to ensure that it’s compatible.

What Type of Microphone is Best for YouTube?

When creating YouTube videos, choosing the right microphone is essential. This allows you to capture crystal clear audio, and make it easy to deliver high quality videos. It is also important to consider the type of videos you will be creating. Whether you are creating educational content, voiceovers, or live music, you’ll want to choose a microphone that can record the sound you need.

Some of the best microphones for YouTube are ribbon microphones. These are delicate, yet effective. They are often preferred by filmmakers. The Shure SM7B is a popular choice, but it does require some setup.

Cardioid microphones are useful for recording dialogue. They pick up sounds in front and sides, providing better editing control. A super-cardioid mic is more precise and blocks out background noise.

If you are looking for a versatile, budget-friendly microphone, the Audio-Technica ATR3350iS is a good option. You can use it with most smartphones, and it comes with an adapter to plug it into a computer.

For more advanced video production, the Shure MV7 is an excellent choice. This microphone is ideal for capturing vocals, and it features a plug-and-play design through USB. Having a headphone jack is important, as it will allow you to monitor your audio during post-production.

Video creators on a tight budget may want to consider a clip on microphone. This mic is small, and clips to clothing. It is often used with a wireless transmitter, allowing you to move around and record in a variety of locations.

How Do I Get Good Audio on YouTube Videos?

If you are looking for ways to get good audio on YouTube videos, there are several tips you can follow. Getting audio right is just as important as your video. Having great audio makes for a better viewing experience, and it can help keep viewers from getting bored.

Having a microphone is one of the easiest ways to improve your audio. You can use your phone’s built-in microphone or a USB microphone to capture your voice. Both options are effective, but you can get better results using an external mic. External microphones can be purchased for any budget.

One of the first steps you should take to capture good audio is to get the mic closer to the subject. Some mics are designed to be placed near a person’s ear, while others are built into the camera itself.

Using an outline can also help you record better sound. The outline keeps the subject on track while adding spontaneity.

Another way to capture better audio is to use a vocal booth. A vocal booth is a small room that’s set up so that the audio is quieter. Using a vocal booth can be a simple process, and you can do it at home or in the office.

Trying to shoot in a noisy environment can be a challenge. Fortunately, you can often eliminate the background noise in post-production. Post-production software can remove many background sounds, and Final Cut Pro has tools to help reduce background noise.

How Do I Choose the Right Microphone?

When it comes to buying a mic, the options are aplenty. However, deciding which microphone to buy can be difficult. The key is to choose one that best suits your needs and budget.

The best way to decide is to conduct a test to determine the microphone of choice. The most important thing to consider is the quality of sound you are going to produce. This is important if you plan on using the mic for a long period of time.

The first step is to look around and read up on the types of mics available. There are three basic categories: dynamic, cardioid and hypercardioid. These categories are also divided by their cost. If you have a limited budget, consider the cheapest option.

Using the right mike is the key to producing high-quality sound. While you’re at it, you may want to consider investing in a good mic preamp.

If you’re in the market for a good microphone, you may want to consider the Shure SM57. This is a popular, well-built mic that has been in the market for nearly a century. You can usually purchase it by sight unseen.

One of the more intriguing features of the SM57 is its omnidirectional polar pattern. This allows you to capture sounds from multiple directions without causing feedback. It’s the perfect microphone for acoustic guitar or vocals.

The most coveted piece of equipment in the recording studio is the microphone. You’ll find that different styles of singing require different types of mics. For instance, a bass drum mic requires a broader sonic spectrum.


Sound quality is an important factor in YouTube videos. If you’re looking to make money off of your videos, it’s a good idea to produce high quality content.

If you have poor audio quality, you’ll lose out on listeners. Not only is audio important to you, it’s also crucial to other people watching your video.

One study found that good audio quality improves message comprehension. Another study concluded that people trust information with a higher level of quality.

The good news is that there are ways to make your videos sound better. Investing in a microphone is one of the most affordable ways to improve your audio. Also, you can remove background noise by using post-production software.

A USC research study discovered that sound quality has a big impact on how people view a message. It’s even more important for people who are susceptible to “fake news.”

YouTube has a large library of royalty-free music and videos, so you can find a lot of options. Whether you’re looking for cover songs or live performances, YouTube has it. You can also opt for YouTube Music Premium. Unlike regular YouTube, which charges overage fees monthly, this service offers unlimited streaming for a single, recurring price.

Although there’s no such thing as perfect video or audio, you can still improve on YouTube. Just follow the rules. Use an extension mic if you want to record a talking-head video. Try to speak slowly. This will make the voiceover sound clearer and will eliminate long pauses in post-production.

Make sure you check out the 5 Best vlogging camera with flip phone review on the site for the top picks right now. Best Vlogging Camera With Flip Screen

Condenser Microphones

The condensing device is the best option for captures of detail and crisp vocals. When you record videos on YouTube, a condenser microphone will make it a good option. It is designed primarily in the direction of sound. Therefore they are recommended for use only in environments where you have absolute control. You may be more likely to need software for post-production or processing to shape your recordings later. RODE was recognized by many recording industry experts in its design. This company manufactures high-performance equipment for voice and video production.



The Best Microphones for YouTube: Quick Picks

Do you need to read the complete book? I’m sorry that it would be difficult for you to read the entire guide to YouTuber microphones, but I understand that. This article gives some suggestions for the best YouTube microphones to buy for the video game industry: The blue Yeti shines for several reasons but is not only the best Youtube mic for YouTube. What is inside? What do you like the most? Killer Features: Portable Studio and Remote – Record Check prices on Amazon.com. Just wear it and start recording without a worry.



Recording audio from a microphone

Most microphones utilize two hook-up cables for transferring data. It’s a USB microphone as opposed to an XLR microphone. All these things each have unique advantages or disadvantages. You’re not sure if one captures better audio than the other, although there are certain types of audio which have higher budgets than one. While some XLR mic products require phantom power it could offset some of their advantages. We’re going to talk to each individual to decide what they like best and how they can help.



What should be considered when buying a Microphone for Youtube?

There were some good choices. It depends on the audio quality you want. The audio tracks may also vary depending whether the recordings were recorded indoors or outdoors. Are there any sound sources that create ambience for you and create the ambience? Typically live bands or music venues require microphones with an optimum level of response to incoming music. Can we record interviews in the audio recording format? It should be an excellent microphone with good sound.



Lavalier Microphones

The lavalier models give the user more control over movement. This is attached to a shirt, is small and discreet, and can be used with on-camera talents easily and securely. It is primarily helpful when recording talent which needs to be turned off from the camera, but also when the audio sources are non-mobile. The Model Lavalier often uses wireless transmitters that enable greater movement. It is very useful for big indoor or outdoor locations to shoot big scenes.