7. CreatorU Review From Samcart

Samcart introduced CreatorU to mainly to solve traffic issues.

Once you have any kind of business, you are going to need traffic to make sales. 

CreatorU has you fully covered by having industry experts that go through their insider traffic training.

What is CreatorU ?

  • A library of 48+ data driven business blueprints (and growing every month)
  • Stream videos, read key reports, and download all the scripts and templates we provide
  •  Access to exclusive trainings from our highest performing SamCart users to help you achieve results quickly
  • PLUS, a community of other like-minded creators that are ready to help you, no matter where you are at in your journey

CreatorU could be under estimated. But it shouldn’t be.

Simply because of the big names and the trainings that are showing up inside the trainings.

Lets start with Scaling up.

There are 7 training videos in this section. 

Scott Moran and Brian Moran feature in this section.

But so does one of my personal online heroes Mike Dillard.

When looking back, these trainings can only be found in much more expensive stand alone products.

So just having theses as part of the CreatorU experience has tonnes of value.

The next section covers traffic and ads.

It’s right up to date with current traffic trends.

So covers tiktok, but also the traffic mastery of YouTube from the likes of Rudy Ullah and Rafeh Qazi.

But also how to master organic traffic with Kimberly Jimenez.

There are 14 lessons in this section.

So it’s well worth plugging in and taking advantage of all the training provided.

But let’s plug into the Marketing and Strategies section.

Here we get to learn from people like Logan Crockett and Scott Oldfrod.

The real value here is in the advanced marketing strategies from experts not often shared on a regular basis.

But it doesn’t end there.

With trainings such as “Winning Mindset with Jesse Elder” and “Sell Before You Build with Ben Adkins

The Marketing and Sales Strategies section of CreatorU features 18 different trainings.

As we dive deep into offer creation it’s important to discover the best ways to launch any product or service.

Which is next on our list.

In the launching stage. We get to learn from people like Samcart’s own Scott Moran but also Christie Millar, Amy Porterfield and Joe Simonds.

The main part of this section is to make sure if you are going to release a product or service with a sales cart then you have the right platform to make it a success right from the start. 

Add to this, there are 10 sections to this particular level.

But what about actually making sales ? 

This section of the trainings are brought to us mainly from Brian and Scott Moran.

From a practical standpoint some of the most important.

Not just because of the content but also because both the 5 minutes VSL slides training and the one page Blueprint has previously been sold at $97 each.

So having access to CreatorU is actually a very impression option within Samcart. 

Last but not least comes the Product creation section of the training.

If you have no idea where to start, then I’d suggest this section first. 

It’s actually surprising that you can access the knowledge you already have and turn it into a product or service. 

Again, the level of training you get here is truly worth the small price of CreatorU alone. 

So if you are considering it then simply click the button below to get full access to everything mentioned inside of the CreatorU training.