Hey, my name is Paul and about 10 years ago, I got started with online marketing after needing to try and promote my own local business online and got started geeking out with other internet nerds about online marketing…

While I was still busy trying to grow my local business I noticed that many of the softwares and the tools I was using also had what we call affiliate programs.
While I was spending hours and hours in facebook groups trying to learn everything I could about growing my business I started noticing people posting results with the affiliate program.
Not just little results either.
I’m talking thousands of dollars a month !  
This all seemed pretty much out of reach, but by hanging around the facebook group I started answering other peoples questions too. 
What was crazy was that even though I just figured it was other users trying to get help. 
It turns out that a lot of people hadn’t even got the software and some started asking me for my affiliate link so they could buy it through me !
Before I knew it I was making $1000 per month just from one program !
But I couldn’t spend all day in facebook groups, so I knew my income was going to get capped around that. 
Then one I happened across somebody that was doing really well, I reached out for coaching and they filled me in to many of their secrets. 
After that I really started to scale up my ‘side hustle’. 
Because I was able to apply all these new skills to our own local business that was taking off too.
But everything was taking so much of my time, something had to give.
I finally broke free 18 months ago and haven’t looked back since. 

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